WERK : SEXO (1991 / 2007)


Zeremonie für Stimme, Violine und Orchester
Maria de Alvear, Stimme
Gordan Nikolic, Violine
basel sinfonietta
Robert HP Platz, Dirigent
Aufnahme: Schweizer Radio DRS, Basel, 1995.


Kyle Gann, Village Voice, May 20, 1997:

"... writes confrontationally personal music along sexual themes ... the same kind of spritual revolution that John Cage ... did here 30 years ago.
The work "Sexo" for female narrator/performer and orchestra is an passionate examination of all the taboos and all the advantages and disadvantages involved with sexuality. A poetic explosion of feeling, emotions, sexual fantasies and deep mystical and metaphysical thought. "Sexo" is in fact an imaginary journey that the listener experiences or undertakes together with the narrator."

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