complete list of works by Maria de Alvear

2017    Tapas  for flute, clarinet, piano

2015    Einfache Freiheit  for choir

2014    Five for you  for piano
               Prime Sounds - Neandertal View II for piano, violoncello, violin

2013    Magna Mater concerto for string ensemble, 2 horns, percussion, female choir, children‘s choir, baritones, video
               Open Sunshine for chamber orchestra, female choir, tape

2012    Oscuridad Pura for piano

2011    Im Kern for piano, violoncello, violin
               Orgasmus Vulgaris for ensemble
               Equilibrio Sereno  for two pianos and percussion
               Rethinking 4/4 for ensemble

2010    Equilibrio for flute, percussion, 2 pianos tuned a quarter tone apart and string ensemble
               Commission for Isaac Julian‘s film'Ten thousand Islands'

2009    Sky Music II concerto for piano, orchestra and chamber choir
               Songs of an Old Female Hippopotamus improvisation for A Trans Pavillon, Berlin

2008    Colourful Penis - Ein Sinnspiel operatic event study for 8 singers and ensemble
               The Effort - Die Anstrengung - Esfuerzo for 4 singers
               Nieve for horn, piano, violoncello
               Energia Marina for choir and ensemble

2007    Ahnen for 2 voices (with hurdy-gurdy) and video
               Am Anfang war das Chaos music project with performance for group of school students and percussion

2006    Sensitive Birds for soprano, flute, bass clarinet, viola, violoncello, harp, piano
               Gran Sol Alto for baritones, piano, percussion, double bass, tape
               Clear Energy for piano and orchestra
               Del Viento for voice, video, tape

2005    Urbaum for piano
               Nubes de Colores for tape, violin, voice
               Gran Sol for 2 female voices, violoncello, video
               Sol Alto - Blitze for voice and video

2004    und alle Spinnen lieben sich for voice, string quartet, video
               Soles Interiores for piano
               Acting for ensemble
               Landschaft 3 for voice and video
               two minutes for piano

2003    See for voice, string quartet and violin solo
               Música para dormir la siesta for alto flute, horn, vibraphone, harp
               Flores for 2 female voices, solo trumpet, ensemble, video

2002    Montaña for piano, video and electronics
               The Inner for woodwind quintet, tape and video
               Yourself for piano
               Sternenbaum  for mezzosoprano, 2 recorders, harp, video
               All Music is a Mandala for 6 toy pianos and electronics

2001    Flor I and II for ensemble and video
               Within for voice, piano and percussion
               Uvas for piano
               As Far as We Know for voice, piano and orchestra
               Schlangen for percussion quartet
               Energy Lines  for voice, piano, video

2000    Ur for 2 percussionists, tape, video
               El Secreto del Arbol radio play
               Thinking for piano, violin and video
               Baum for voice, 4 percussionists, installation
               Asking for piano
               Gota - dieser eine Gletschertropfen for trumpet, accordion, piano, percussion

1999    Energie und Freiheit - Energia y Libertad  for 2 voices and piano
               Llena  for piano
               Erótica for three voices and video
               The Inner - Das Innere for organ and voice
               Land  celebration for two rappers, ensemble, massage performance and video with a text by Bob Lakerman
               Así... Música para dormir la siesta for piano and harp

1998    Libertad - palabras peligrosas for two voices, trombone, percussion, two pianos, video
               Visión for flute, clarinet, piano, two percussionists, violoncello, double bass and voice
               Sexo Puro  ceremony for two pianos, two percussionists, three trumpets, three trombones,
               two tubas and solo trombone, three voices and large video installation
               with care for piano
               Mar for percussion, three voices and video
               Unvorhersehbarerweise for voice and percussion
               Time is none stopping for 2 voices, 4 percussionists, video

1997    Sal for four percussionists
               Todo for three female singers and ensemble
               Espiritu de luz for voice, piano, clarinet, video
               Culebra de mar for violin and double bass
               Hoja for organ, voice, installation
               Grüße 4 for voice and piano

1996    El secreto del circulo radio play for actors and instruments
               Vagina  celebration for female vocal soloist and ensemble
               Luz futura for woodwind quintet, saxophone and percussion
               Caridad for piano, trombone and viola
               Mares for any keyboard instrument
               World for piano solo, second piano and large orchestra
               Calor - Hitze for clarinet, piano, violoncello, violin
               Trueno radio play

1995    Intenso  for piano
               Corazón abierto – Open Heart for bass clarinet, electric guitar, piano, percussion, violoncello and double bass
               Cortando for clarinet, violin, viola, piano and percussion
               Care for percussion, flute and guitar
               Verdad - Truth  ceremony for piano and woodwind quintet
               Pajaros for clarinet, two trumpets, two horns, two trombones and two percussionists
               25.9.1995 for vibraphone
               Besando el tiempo – Kissing Time for flute

1994    Soles for two voices, piano, percussion, string trio
               Colores for voice, piano, clarinet and percussion
               Futuro-Quartett for piano, violin, trombone and percussion
               Fuerzas for viola
               Fuerzas for violin
               Aguas - Zwischentöne  for piano, voice, bandoneon, percussion, vibraphone
               Agua dulce for oboe, violin and orchestra
               Energia redonda for violin
               Futuro-Trio for piano, violin, trombone
               Sol sound installation and objects on videotape
               Sol video film
               Amores  performance / installation

1993    Ama for piano, clarinet and violin
               Energia blanca for string orchestra and video
               Al arbol del norte (2nd version)  for trombone and piano
               Purisimo II for two flutes, clarinet, horn, celesta, harp and string orchestra
               Fuerza solar for piano and string quartet

1992    En espiritu de rosas raices no. 5 for piano, two clarinets, violin and violoncello
               Seele for viola, violoncello and double bass
               Entendiendo  for piano and video
               Hilos de oro - Goldfäden for voice, solo violin and orchestra
               Ritual con un ciervo muerto  ritual for voice, piano, harp, flute, oboe, clarinet, percussion, string trio and double bass
               Al arbol del norte for piano and trombone
               Murió  for violin
               Altamira Fase 1 for 2 female singers, piano, trombone, mixed choir
               Luces for voice and string orchestra
               Purisimo I for two flutes, harp, celesta and chamber orchestra
               Unir - Binden  ceremony for female vocal soloist , piano and an object (painted sanitary pad)

1991    En espiritu de rosas raices no. 1 ceremony for voice, clarinet and bass clarinet, and a dead rabbit
               En espiritu de rosas raices no. 2 ceremony for voice, two Turkish lutes (saz), violin, and a dead rabbit
               En espiritu de rosas raices no. 3  for violin, violoncello and piano
               En espiritu de rosas raices no. 4 for three female vocal soloists, piano, clarinet, trombone, harp and three violins, and a dead stag
               La tonta del bote - Die Dumme vom Pott / Das Weiblich-Göttliche for piano
               Palabras reales o las esencias de la vida radio play for for solo voices, violin, piano, harp, percussion, tuba, synthesiser, girls‘ choir,
               female choir, male choir and sound engineer and noise-maker
               In Dank for voice, harpsichord, trumpet and percussion
               Noche profunda  ceremony for voice and piano
               La cierva for voice and piano
               La rana - Der Frosch for voice solo
               De puro amor for piano
               En amor duro for piano
               Azul radio play for soprano, baritones and synthesizer
               Material de raices – Root Material for piano, two Turkish lutes (saz), two violins and voice or for piano and string quintet
               Paraíso radio play for a female vocal soloist
               Para todos los seres humanos sobre la tierra ceremony for a female vocal soloist
               Sexo ceremony for a female vocal soloist, solo violin and orchestra
               Sexo compacto for piano
               Animales y Flores for voices, trumpet and piano
               Grüße Nr. 3 for female vocal soloist, photographs, slide projections, textile installation
               Amor for voice
               El Premio for piano and orchestra

1990    De tierra for voice, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, viola and violoncello
               Songs of creation for soprano, baritones, piano, two clarinets, percussion, violin, violoncello and guitar
               Madera - Holz  for voice, two clarinets, piano, percussion, violin and violoncello
               Corazón for female vocal soloist and three drummers
               Grüße Nr. 1 for female vocal soloist and tape
               Daphnis y Chloe en Madrid for voice and chamber orchestra (film music)
               Misa libre (Sal)  for soprano, baritones, two speakers, choir and orchestra
               das 3. Jahrtausend for voice

1989    Grüße Nr. 2 (Message)  for female vocal soloist and tape

1988    und die Erde hörte (Nuevo Mundo 1)  radio play for two voices, three woodwinds,  four string players, speaker, keyboard
               once upon a time (Nuevo Mundo 2)  radio play
               Music for Description without Place for oboe, cor anglais, flute, voice

1987    Rei radio play for some twenty participants
               Simulación radio play for ten participants
               Blue Cave radio play for a male vocal soloist and two players of electronic instruments
               October Madrid for saxophone and synthesizer on videotape (video)
               Die Badende radio play for some twenty participants

1986    Neandertal 2 for voice, percussion, tape
               Sol 1 music theatre for 2 synthesizers, piano, 3-4 percussionists, trumpet, violin, bass clarinet, tape and 2 dancers
               Noches 2 dance-theatre piece for four (chalk-white) painted, naked female and male dancers,
               piano, two percussionists and double bass
               Prähistorische Landschaften 2 for string quartet, voice and ten instruments recorded on tape

1985    Neandertal 1 ceremony for a screaming female vocal soloist and tape
               Pasión videotape made from footage taken in a smithy and a sound collage
               Kakushöhle for solo violin, violin, viola, bass clarinet, kettle drum, percussion, trumpet
               Angeles 2 for 4 female singers, 2 pianos, electric guitar, organ and chamber orchestra

1984    und links oder rechts double composition with Thomas Becker for actor, tape, piano, tuba, trombone, harp, bass clarinet
               Appasionata for two violins, two violas, tape (one voice, piano, violin) and actor on the Cross
               Prähistorische Landschaften 1 (...abgesehen von menschlichen Ausnahmeschwächen)  radio play for string quartet, speaker and
               historical recordings
               Drei Studien for soprano and violoncello
               Vita-Geflüster for voice, synthesiser and rhythm machine to a text by Maria de Alvear (together with Jörg O. Lensing)
               Angeles 1 for 6 singers (sopranos, baritones), female actor, 2 trombones, 2 violoncellos, double bass, electric bass

1983    El Circulo - Auto sacramental for six soloists and chamber orchestra
               Studie über Arnulf Rainer videotape
               Es como amar el agua (Monologo I)  for orchestra and voice
               El Greco double bass and tape on video

1982    Cantos de oración for voice, piano and tape
               Cantos de Liturgia for nine instrumentalists and a female actor / singer, wooden cross, nails and hammer, tape
               Confesión for a female actor and photographs on videotape (video)

1981    Cuarteto - Quartett for two female vocal soloists and two violoncellos, plexiglas mobiles
               Poema de Silencio (Monologo I)  for orchestra

1980    Invocación for voice and piano
               La Luna de Diamantes for chamber orchestra
               Monologo 2 for baritones and orchestra
               Canción for soprano, flute and piano to the poem 'Canción' by Federico García Lorca
               Ich lösch das Licht for two female vocal soloists and 3 trombones to a poem by Hugo von Hofmannnsthal
               Llanto - Schrei for three female vocal soloists, 3 pianos and 3 small drums to the poem 'A las cinco de la tarde'
               by Federico García Lorca
               Conversaciones for piano, two double basses, xylophone and small drum

1979    Morgenstern-Lieder five songs for voice and piano to verses by Christian Morgenstern
               (Das Knie; Seufzer-Lied; Ein Igel; Das Mondschaf; Galgenlied; Henkers-Mädel)
               Cinco piezas for piano
               Primera pieza for violin and piano
               Drei Variationen for violin and piano

1978    Hier und dort for voice, violoncello and piano

1975    Dos melodias magiares for violoncello and piano