new CD : besando el tiempo

World Edition is delighted to draw attention to the new release of a work by Maria de Alvear, 'besando el tiempo', on Edition Wandelweiser Records. Edition Wandelweiser Records was established in 1996 and is now well-known throughout the world for its radical and rigorous programme.
'besando el tiempo' is a piece that was composed in 1995 in the space of four days. It was written in an automatic script that Maria de Alvear uses for many of her pieces. The work was originally composed for the flautist Caren Levine, who also gave it its first performance in Salzau in 1995. 'besando el tiempo' has now been performed several times worldwide by different interpreters.
When Maria de Alvear heard the performance by Antoine Beuger, she asked him to give her a recording for herself.

Maria de Alvear:    “For me, Antoine Beuger's interpretation is the most exact reading there is of my piece. It embodies perfect introversion on the part of the interpreter. The interpreter hears music as “the first beholder of the composer”, and that is the way the piece is played here.”
Antoine Beuger:    “When I start playing this piece, I embark on a journey into my inmost being and encounter myself. I never know beforehand what it will be like, how it will continue; I am on my way, on my travels … that is the adventure of this piece. You have to expose yourself to this encounter without any protection or reservations, in complete innocence. And that is also what can be heard.”



Photo-Shoot at the Neandertal Museum with Philip Lethen




in preparation of my new project “Arcaico“
with Juan Carlos Garvayo, Juan Luis Arsuaga, Ana de Alvear and Sra deArsuaga


performance and artist talk 60 years Goethe-Institut Madrid: José Iges - Dedicatorias [dedications]

sound art from Spain and Germany

Monday 02/20/2017, 07:30 PM - Goethe-Institut Madrid (Spain)

Goethe-Institut Madrid celebrates its 60th anniversary with a series of events. one of them will be an evening about different perspectives on sound art: José Iges presents a choice of his Dedicatorias, and after this artistic intervention he will join a panel discussion with the renowned international experts Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, María de Alvear, Götz Naleppa and Raquel Rivera.


Radio Broadcast : FLORES by María de Alvear

Deutschlandfunk, Atelier neuer Musik
August 27, 2016 - REVISITED Forum neuer Musik 2003

María de Alvear(voice)
Amelia Cuni(voice)
Marco Blaauw(trumpet)
musikFabrik NRW

Deutschlandfunk - Forum neuer Musik 2003



Public prize presentation-  Spanish National Award for Music in the field of composition went to Maria de Alvear

The German-Spanish composer Maria de Alvear was officially honoured with the Spanish National Award for Music on June 1, 2016. King Felipe VI and Queen Leticia of Spain presented Maria de Alvear with the prize in Palencia Cathedral.

The jury commended Maria de Alvear for her prolific output and the international appeal of her works, for her pioneering role in the conception of musical works as complete artistic syntheses, for her interdisciplinary approach with its constant openness to partners from other artistic spheres, for her extraordinary ability to channel musical influences in a transgressive manner and for her strong commitment to younger composers.

Maria de Alvear was born in Madrid and has been living in Cologne for more than 35 years. She studied New Music Theatre with Mauricio Kagel and was awarded the Bernd Alois Zimmermann Prize early on in her career. Since 1998, Maria has regularly collaborated with her sister, the video artist Ana de Alvear. Her mostly interdisciplinary and multi-media works are performed worldwide by renowned interpreters including Ensemble Modern, the Basel Sinfonietta, Ensemble Musikfabrik and the hr-Sinfonieorchester.

Maria De Alvear with King Felipe VI of Spain

Maria De Alvear with King Felipe VI of Spain


Radio Broadcast : Les Simultans de Silvia Alvarez

with an extract of Maria de Alvear: 'Colourful Penis'

Radio de Monaco
From the Festival des Printemps des Arts de Monaco 2016, May 2016


Concert : Ensemble Neoars Sonora

Seven Authors, Seven Works and Seven Sources of Inspiration

with María de Alvear: 'Nieve' for French horn, violoncello and piano (2009)

"Dedicated to the innocence and the capacity of transformation that lies within snow - the versatility of its states between water and snow."
(Maria de Alvear)

February 1, 2016, 7.30 pm at Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid


Radio Broadcast : La tertulia de Radio Clásica, Radio Nacional de España (RNE)  -  Escuchar música

Invited Guests: Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, María de Alvear y Stefano Russomanno - January 3, 2016




Music by Christian Wolff und Maria de Alvear -  In memoriam Agnieszka Dziubak

Séparé et Ensemble
with Geneviève Foccroulle(piano), Erik Drescher(flute),
as guest: Biliana Voutchkova (viola, violin)

Maria de Alvear
afterwards: music and videos in memoriam Agnieszka Dziubak

December 3rd, 2015, 19:30
Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin
Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin



'Einfache Freiheit'  - first performance - composition for choir by Maria de Alvear
October 2nd, 2015, 20:00, St. Marien Kirche, Dortmund-  as part of the festival   chor.com
SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart conducted by :  Rupert Huber
more information :  Neue Chormusik mit dem SWR Vokalensemble Stuttgart unter Leitung von Rupert Huber


First Performance in Japan: EN AMOR DURO

Keiko Shichijo plays 'En Amor Duro', a composition by Maria De Alvear
11th July 2015 at Ryogoku Monten Hall, Tokyo, Japan


Concert : EN AMOR DURO

Keiko Shichijo plays 'En Amor Duro', a composition by Maria De Alvear

26th October 2014, at Arti Amsterdam
7th December 2014, at Amsterdam Geelvinck Museum